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    Round 2

    New craft brewery rules
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    Dogfish Head and Boston Brewing to merge

    It is known that Boston Brewing didnt want to get into the business model of "craft" brewing but just wanted to do the styles that made them Dogfish has turned on the small brewers by threatening them with lawsuits How will they bring beer growth?
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    RoboBrew, Grainfather etc

    Yes I do. Great system, brew day and cleaning are a breeze. Really helps being able to repeat a brew over and over when it comes to mash temp. As long as you are ok with batch size limitations. So 10g batches are not really an easy thing. The notes below should be taken as tips and warnings...
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    Top 10 Beers That New Money Palates Will Not Drink

    Edmund Fitzgerald is one of my fams favs. Ok all onto the wish list they go
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    BeerSmith 3 Thoughts

    So has anyone installed the new BeerSmith yet? What are your thoughts? Is it worth the update? Im a little hung up over the tiered plans. $35 for the software to only get minor updates is harsh, but $15 a year with no promise of a major update also seems a waste.
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    Barley Legal @ War Of The Worts

    For ur $7 entry fee you did
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    Barley Legal @ War Of The Worts

    Well damn people need to catch up So I entered the Bob Thompson Invitational and won 3 Golds plus BOS and 2nd BOS....... Ok now its a competition again....
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    Barley Legal Member Discount Program

    Or you could just sneak some out for us Just saying.....;)
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    Monk Melee VII Results

    Well looks like Brewer of the year is in the bag Congrats guys
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    Precision Hydrometer

    Anyone have any experience or know where to get one under 25bucks?
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    DIY Quick Carb

    Its just as easy to cool the keg then carb. 5gal+ isnt going to warm that much over an hour
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    DIY Quick Carb

    so the longer hose and making sure there was ZERO pressure in the keg to begin with worked 10x better. Still had to go up 10psi from the chart but it was a success!!!
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    Gravity Adjustment Spreadsheet

    So in another thread we learned of @Brian Pylant 's shoot from the hip method of adding DME if he missed his pre-boil gravity. With my luck I would end up with an extra 3 gallons between adding DME then water to hit the mark right. That being the case I dug around and created a spreadsheet...
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    ISpindel Kit

    Has anyone bought / made this?