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    What’s everyone brewing

    I just tapped a California Common and a Kolsch and bottled "Thing"--what was supposed to be a kettle sour, but fermented out on it's own before I got to boil it. Next month, I'll put my daughter's 21st birthday beer on tap. It's a four year old Barleywine. Then I start on my other daughter's...
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    Reusing Unwashed Yeast

    During the pandemic, I've made some changes to my brewing process. One is to modify recipes to use what I've got on-hand to minimize trips to the homebrew store. Part of this includes reusing yeast. In White and Zainasheff's "Yeast", it is advised not to reuse yeast without washing it. IOW...
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    2020 Lagunitas The Waldos' Special Ale

    I've been buying a case of this beer for the past few years when it comes out in April. It's a shame it only comes out once a year. This year's batch is down from 11.7% to 10.8% ABV. As best I can recall from last year's batch, the aroma is nearly the same or maybe a little more dank...
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    New Single

    I like it!
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    How to regulate pressure on 2 kegs

    I think an inexpensive in-line regulator will work for you:
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    2019 June Meeting: MONDAY 6/3 @ Brickwall Tavern

    I assume no homebrew at this, right?
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    Dogfish Head and Boston Brewing to merge

    Thanks for the post, John. I read, "...we can be great advocates to help bring beer back to growth in America,” and thought that seemed horribly disconnected from what craft beer means.
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    RoboBrew, Grainfather etc

    Who's bringing one of these to Big Brew Day? If you're on the fence, there's a beer in it for you. ;-)
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    AB Inbev Purchase of Ratebeer
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    RoboBrew, Grainfather etc

    I believe @Bob Thompson has a Grainfather.
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    New Tap running Foam

    A longer hose will result in lower pressure at the faucet, so, all other things being equal, a longer hose will foam less than a shorter one. Is the beer coming out of the faucet quickly? If so, try a longer hose. Temperature also affects foaming: the warmer, the more foam. Does the left side...
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    PSA: Brewing Today In The Rain...

    Arrogant Bastard version 8?
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    Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day - Sat November 4th

    What's the grain bill and gravity of Tonewood's wort?