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    Raffle Tickets for the Grainfather are on the Store!

    Hey everyone! The raffle tickets for my modified Grainfather are now up on the online store. All proceeds go to low income students for toys, clothes, and meals during the holidays. You do not have to attend the November meeting to win the Grainfather. I will be pulling the name and...
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    November meeting Grainfather Raffle

    Hey everyone, As you may know, at the November meeting I am going to be raising funds for low-income kids for Xmas gifts, clothes, and food. This has been an annual charity I run and last year we had a good donation from the club. I'm looking to increase my donations this year and...
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    Mexican Stout

    Same here...this is next on the aged beer list for me.
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    Borrow some Carbonator Caps?

    I have a half a dozen of the plastic ones. I can bring them to Memorial on tuesday. Send me a text and let me know (609-410-4946)
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    Oak aging Barrels

    I am definitely in for 2 barrels
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    Oak aging Barrels

    I am definitely interested in a barrel or 2. Do you know if the "burbon, Scotch, Tequila" barrels....can you choose or is it random?
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    Plastic Can Carriers

    Hey everyone, Santa is bringing me a small canner and I was hoping to get some plastic can carriers. I couldnt find a company that sells them on a smaller scale. So, if people could save any they get and bring them to the next meeting I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! :)
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    Double Nickel Brewing opens on Saturday

    Went to the Friends and Family opening last night. Would love to hear other people's opinions once they are open for real.