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    Mexican Stout

    Same here...this is next on the aged beer list for me.
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    Borrow some Carbonator Caps?

    I have a half a dozen of the plastic ones. I can bring them to Memorial on tuesday. Send me a text and let me know (609-410-4946)
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    Oak aging Barrels

    I am definitely in for 2 barrels
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    Oak aging Barrels

    I am definitely interested in a barrel or 2. Do you know if the "burbon, Scotch, Tequila" barrels....can you choose or is it random?
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    Plastic Can Carriers

    Hey everyone, Santa is bringing me a small canner and I was hoping to get some plastic can carriers. I couldnt find a company that sells them on a smaller scale. So, if people could save any they get and bring them to the next meeting I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! :)
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    Double Nickel Brewing opens on Saturday

    Went to the Friends and Family opening last night. Would love to hear other people's opinions once they are open for real.