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    Making Beer using only a paper bag!!?

    This looks so easy, why didn't I think of this.
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    How do I get to the battkeship

    How do I get to the battkeship
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    How to set up for notifications

    Missing the announcement and subsequent sign up for the Holiday party made me check to see why I haven't seen any emails on this. I looked at my preferences in my profile and am set to get emails and notifications, yet I dont recall receiving any for anything. What am I missing that I need to do?
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    Cucamonga at dogfish Head

    Enjoying a Cucamonga at Dogfish Head in Rehoboth Beach
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    Cucamonga at dogfish Head

    Frank and Frank. I beat you all down to Rehoboth to try your award winning beer - Cucamonga. Mosy excellent and well deserved. Cheers.
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    How to regulate pressure on 2 kegs

    Great Dave, Thanks for the lead. I'll try it.
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    Dogfish Head and Boston Brewing to merge

    Dogfish use to own the Rehoboth Beach and DE shore market and I think got a bit complacent. They started to focus on their restaurant and getting into spirits. Many of the new beers they introduced were nothing special, now the market there is flooded with startups . Even Iron Hill now has a...
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    How to regulate pressure on 2 kegs

    I have a 2 keg system with a gas splitter to feed both. The regulator on the CO2 cylinder measured the gas pressure in both kegs which is adjustable to the style of beer I have. My problem is finding a way to change the pressure to be unique for each style. For my Saison I need pressure over...
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    Dogfish Head and Boston Brewing to merge

    Don't know if any saw this but The # 2 and #13 craft brewers are merging. Appropriately they hatched the deal over a pint:p
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    January Meeting Competitions

    Funny, none of these sites state how much beer is needed in order to enter. I have never done this before so I assume they assume everyone has and the quantities are well know. Anyone?
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    Sanitizing lines

    Now that I have gone to kegging, I am finding it impossible to dry my lines, some of which are long (6ft?). Since these can be used to transfer kegged beer into bottles (ie put up some stock) I am concerned about contamination to the bottled beer. The lines either have fittings or are too...
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    Carbonation Question

    Coming in on this post late, but am curious what exit pressure will generate foam? I have seen posts on other home brewing blogs that talk about 8-10psi (keg pressure) and others which mention 2-4. Based on Matt's excellent piece on line resistance and length, I assume the authors of these...