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    3rd Annual Garden State Homebrew Competition

    What was your beer style Matt?
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    3rd Annual Garden State Homebrew Competition

    I entered 1. I know Talbot and Sr for sure entered. Hopefully a few more
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    3rd Annual Garden State Homebrew Competition

    Most points in the 3 or 4 state competitions. There are guys in scuba that win several categories
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    Jockey Box Cleaning

    So the problem with the daisy chain is if you don't have forward sealing taps. It will spray out the circle front of a regular faucet tap. John I also have that same connector....used it to daisy chain clean my lines.... until I switched over to sanke kegs for everything. Now I have one of...
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    Using a pump to vorlauf

    Before my 3 vessel I used a small pump on my cooler to recirc. I definitely ran it too fast sometimes and compacted the mash.. leading to stirring it up only to have to vorlauf again
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    Split batch extract issue

    I don't know that kvieks are super attenuating. I actually had a high temp mashed beer stop at 1.035 with Voss. Kinda odd all three stopped at 1.020 though.
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    Reusing Unwashed Yeast

    Late to the party on this one... But I have conicals so when I harvest, use a hose to a mason jar. Dump the first bit and then save the rest that comes out. I almost always take from that and do a starter for the next batch. So thats the extent of "washing" it gets. I've used yeast off dark...
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    Kilkenny clone

    If you don't have a nitro tank but want a "faux" nitro effect but have an extra CO2 tank ... Here is what I have done.... BTW you WILL waste a lot of CO2 this way.... I have low carbed the beer in the keg. When ready to serve I blast the keg with 30-35 psi and poured it through the stout...
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    Who's brewing on Saturday for the virtual Big Brew Day?

    Me. 15 gallons of German Liechtbier
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    Stuck Fermentation

    What about pitching some French saison yeast into it? It's usually a monster attenuator. Belgian saison yeasts are notorious for a the 1.030 stall. Every time we've used on (granted not the sour batch kids pitch) we've had to bump the temps to 80 or higher to get them to continue on. Not sure...
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    Escarpment Labs of Canada Kveik article

    I've only underpitched with the Hornidal and Voss.. The Oslo I've always treated as regular yeast. Did starters and built up the colony.
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    Yeast Starters

    There actually was a brulosophy about this and in that exbeeriment it made no difference. For me it depends on how much fermenter head space I have. I've done both pitch the whole starter... And chill & decant. I haven't had it seem to make a difference. Have you ever tasted decanted starter...
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    Ferbruary Meeting 2/5

    Thanks for the opportunity to share. It was an awesome experience just to watch everyone's reactions. No one told me they hated either beer so I'll take that as a win either way! Cheers everyone.
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    January Meeting Competitions

    Garden state says 2-12oz bottles Krausen cup is the 2nd attachment 3-12oz or 2-22oz
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    January Meeting Competitions

    Should be ready to bottle in 3 weeks so it doesn't leave me a ton of time. I'll probably have to ship it 2 day shipping since they are due the 23rd.