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  1. Joseph Rizzuto

    Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival

    Just wondering who if anyone is going. Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival
  2. Joseph Rizzuto

    Gluten free local brews

    A friend of mine asked me if I knew of any Gluten free beers nearby. Anyone know of any?
  3. Joseph Rizzuto

    Fresh New Jersey Cranberries

    Another FYI. Whalen Farms sells fresh Cranberries to the public for $1.50 a pound. They also sell frozen Blueberries and Cranberries year round though I forgot to get prices on them. Whalen Farms 472 E Stokes Rd Shamong, NJ 08088 (609) 268-8047 Open 7AM–6PM
  4. Joseph Rizzuto

    Fresh Apple Cider

    Just an FYI if anyone is thinking about doing Hard Ciders or Cyser's, Moods Farm Market sells bulk fresh made cider for $4.10 a gallon. They make batches on Monday, Wednesday and Friday so best times to stop by, with your bucket, are those afternoons or early morning the next day. Moods Farm...
  5. Joseph Rizzuto

    Group Grain Buy on Homebrew talk

    I take part in a group buy of malt, Ocean County Group Buy, on Homebrew Talk. Pick up is near Toms River and I can pick up for any club members interested. Payments are made to Squeak via paypal when he closes the order process. Last buy I did took about 2 weeks to get order together and then...
  6. Joseph Rizzuto

    Happy Hour at Flying Fish Crafthouse in Philly

    I have "won" a Happy Hour at Flying Fish Crafthouse,. Looking to see if anyone is interested. Congratulations, you've WON a Happy Hour Party at Flying Fish Crafthouse in Brewerytown Philadelphia! Bring 9 or more of your friends, coworkers, or people you find on the street who look like a...
  7. Joseph Rizzuto

    BHVFC Craft Beer and Food Fest

    This is late notice but for anyone near too LBI there is a small Beer and Food Festival near ShipBottom Brewery from 2 PM to 4 PM. Admission is only $20 and includes a mug, size unknown, and 4 beer tickets.
  8. Joseph Rizzuto

    Kombucha and Jun Teas

    Anybody have any experience with making Kombucha and Jun Teas?
  9. Joseph Rizzuto

    Single tier system build

    Hey guys I am building a single tier system and am looking for suggestion, warnings and an answer or two. It will be propane fired at first with an upgrade to dual electric - propane possible in the future. First question - - I have 3 kegs, 2 regular 1/2 kegs and a European 50 liter keg. Where...
  10. Joseph Rizzuto

    Enter to win contests

    Homebrew For Life Win free homebrew ingredients for 15 YEARS, and a Blichmann BrewEasy All-Grain Brewing System!Enter below for your chance to win the grand prize of free hombrew ingredients for 15 years AND a Blichmann Engineering BrewEasy All-Grain Brewing System (5 or 10 gallon); a $10,000...
  11. Joseph Rizzuto

    Sanke keg conversion

    I just got 3 Sanke kegs and want to convert them into a kettle, mashtun and HLT. I don't have an angle grinder can anyone help me get them cut open or recommend some place that can do it cheap.
  12. Joseph Rizzuto

    Oak aging Barrels

    I am looking at buying some wood barrels. I have found a cooperage in Kentucky that sell new and used barrels starting at 5 gallons and up. If I can get together an order of 5 or more barrels they will ship them for free. Used 5 gallon Bourbon aging barrels start at $45. Anyone interested? The...