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  1. JamesHolland

    Interesting Beer & Brewing Articles

    The Wild Yeast from Usciences will be produced by Lallemand! Edit: I wounder if this is the sourvicae I've heard about on podcasts
  2. JamesHolland

    The Love Run - March 29 2019

    Hi All, and especially the (Un)official Barley Legal Running CLub! The Love Run is open for registration in March. The 29th is a Sunday and there is a 7k (4.38 miles) and half marathon option. I am thinking of doing the 7k and wanted to see if anyone else was interested. Details here...
  3. JamesHolland

    Escarpment Labs of Canada Kveik article for your reading pleasure ;) Using Norwegian Kveik: Old Yeast, New Tricks July 16, 2019 | Richard Preiss It seems like everyone these days is talking about Norwegian kveik yeasts, due to the...
  4. JamesHolland

    Open Competitions March Meeting

    Hi all, thought it would be a good idea to post the competitions Kyle brought to the March meeting. These are open competitions, but please note that some are closing shortly. As always, if you enter and win, please let Kyle know. DAS BOOT - North Jersey Hopz Judging Dates: Fri, Sat May 17-18...
  5. JamesHolland

    AHA Digital Membership Flash Sale

    From American Homebrewers Association: TAKE 40% OFF Digital Memberships During the AHA's 40th Anniversary Flash Sale Starting Dec. 7 at 10AM MT (12PM Eastern)
  6. JamesHolland

    Big Brew Day 2018

    We have initial Township Approval. I will need a list of everyone brewing. This list will be 100% final by 30 April (the last caucus meeting before the event). I need to know this because I will need to get a final number to Public Works of how many lines need to be dropped from the poles, and...
  7. JamesHolland

    Call for volunteers - Big Brew Day 5/5

    Hi All, Asking for volunteers to help with getting Big Brew Day up & running for this year. Most of it would be requesting donations from breweries, distributors, etc. There will also be a Task List that will be reviewed and available to sign up for things like Ice, Hoses, and the like. Link t
  8. JamesHolland

    AC Beer & Music Fest

    Who is going? I'll be there with the Mrs Session 1. Flogging Molly is my favorite band & I've missed their last few NJ stops. Can't wait to see them and sample some good beer. Really pumped to see Kona on the list personally, they're my favorite "Island" brewery. I'll be there probably around...
  9. JamesHolland

    Earth Bread & Brewery Homebrew Competition (Philly)

    Hi All, While doing donation requests for BBD, Pegy from EB&B Asked if any BL Brewers wee entering their contest. I didn't remember hearing anything about it, but I let her know I'd share with the group: Earth Bread + Brewery 7136 Germantown Ave Philadelphia, PA 19119...
  10. JamesHolland

    Anyone for Devil's Creek Fri 1/29?

    Hey everybody! Not sure if you have plans this Friday night, but I got offered a "private happy hour" at Devil's Creek Brewery in Collingswood. Looks like the deal is January 27th (this Friday) from 5:30pm to 7:30pm ($4 beers - pints/flights). I must have 10 people minimum to RSVP. Since I...
  11. JamesHolland

    New Guy Introduction

    Hi all, James Holland here. Brewing since 2012/2013. Started with a Mr. Beer kit in Virginia Beach VA. I now live in Maple Shade and have upgraded a few things. :lol: I enjoy mostly dark beer like stouts and porters. I'm not a hop head at all, but I will try anything. I also really enjoy...