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  1. JamesHolland

    Who's brewing on Saturday for the virtual Big Brew Day?

    Hey I think I might want a little of that ;) Just finished cleaning and everything. about 6 gallons of a short and shoddy 2-row/Pils with Pahto and Nelson Sauvin. Fermenting in the Mash and Boil with some reused Oslo slurry
  2. JamesHolland

    Interesting Beer & Brewing Articles

    Ph and Brewing with Kveik: How to make crispy beers
  3. JamesHolland

    Interesting Beer & Brewing Articles

    The Wild Yeast from Usciences will be produced by Lallemand! Edit: I wounder if this is the sourvicae I've heard about on podcasts
  4. JamesHolland

    The Love Run - March 29 2019

    Hi All, and especially the (Un)official Barley Legal Running CLub! The Love Run is open for registration in March. The 29th is a Sunday and there is a 7k (4.38 miles) and half marathon option. I am thinking of doing the 7k and wanted to see if anyone else was interested. Details here...
  5. JamesHolland

    Keezer Builld

    Nice man! Looks good!
  6. JamesHolland

    Stuck Fermentation

    SO my original thought was maybe your pH was too low. But then I went to the Imperial website, "An exclusive blend containing a low attenuating Belgian saison yeast, Lactobacillus, and three Brettanomyces yeast strains. This blend is great for emulating lambics, Flanders reds, sour farmhouse...
  7. JamesHolland

    Escarpment Labs of Canada Kveik article

    Yes, I think with Oslo I will treat is more as a regular ale yeast, at least in pitching, and see where that goes. Just need a day to brew
  8. JamesHolland

    Escarpment Labs of Canada Kveik article

    Something akin to rotting meat maybe?
  9. JamesHolland

    Escarpment Labs of Canada Kveik article

    An update on my experience (and absolutely no fault of Matt Torbik, who did provide a disclaimer about his dried flakes): I did an Irish Red Ale with Dried Oslo flakes. Pitched 2 bags of dried flakes (no idea what weight the flakes were) into about 4.5 gallons of about 1.040 wort at 90F...
  10. JamesHolland

    Filtering Beer during Transfer

    The first thing that comes to mind is the Bouncer beer filter. If you scroll down you can get to the "home" version. I have not used them personally but I believe the reviews are good. It sounds like you're pressure transferring, but if you're not, you can go to your homebrew store, get a...
  11. JamesHolland

    Tasting Glasses

    We are pretty sure we're all out. My condolences for your loss :(
  12. JamesHolland

    Escarpment Labs of Canada Kveik article

    That's what I'm hoping for
  13. JamesHolland

    Escarpment Labs of Canada Kveik article

    Awesome! Definitely bring some to the meeting (if any is left). I might have to swing by to try that one!
  14. JamesHolland

    Escarpment Labs of Canada Kveik article

    I'm interested in trying "traditional" styles with Kveik yeast at ambient temps. I was on the homebrewing slack channel and some of those members were talking about "Kveik-toberfest", an oktoberfest with that yeast, as well as cider. The cider really peaked my interest. I think a barleywine...
  15. JamesHolland

    Escarpment Labs of Canada Kveik article for your reading pleasure ;) Using Norwegian Kveik: Old Yeast, New Tricks July 16, 2019 | Richard Preiss It seems like everyone these days is talking about Norwegian kveik yeasts, due to the...
  16. JamesHolland

    HomebrewCon 2020: NASHVILLE

    When I look in Zymurgy it says 18-20?
  17. JamesHolland

    RoboBrew, Grainfather etc

    Dave, I'll have my Mash & Boil
  18. JamesHolland

    Open Competitions March Meeting

    Hi all, thought it would be a good idea to post the competitions Kyle brought to the March meeting. These are open competitions, but please note that some are closing shortly. As always, if you enter and win, please let Kyle know. DAS BOOT - North Jersey Hopz Judging Dates: Fri, Sat May 17-18...
  19. JamesHolland

    RoboBrew, Grainfather etc

    I have a Mash & Boil. Not sure if that's the same category as your're looking (no pump) but I love mine!
  20. JamesHolland

    Philly grain and malt symposium

    I'm relatively interested in this