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    Simple method method for brewing with RO water

    I'd like to start using RO water for brewing and came across this simple method. I have looked at different spreadsheets and programs ,and read a bunch of different tutorials, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it. If I follow these directions would it improve my beer...
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    Dues are paid. Please let me into the private forums. Thanks!

    Dues are paid. Please let me into the private forums. Thanks!
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    Beerland, a new show set to premiere this month on Viceland (April 27 at 10 p.m.),
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    Amoretti Extracts?

    I picked up a bottle of cappucino extract at a meeting a couple months ago, and I'm thinking of giving a try in a stout. It is one of the small 2 oz. bottles. Has anyone else tried using these yet? How did it work out? How much did you add? Dan
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    Reverse Osmosis Water?

    Does anyone purchase reverse osmosis water? If so where do you get it and how much does it cost? Thanks DS
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    Another one goes pro

    Good Luck, Let us know when they start serving up your beers.
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    Corny Keg as Secondary Fermenter

    Is it done fermenting when you put it in the keg? If so would it make sense to not release the pressure to let the beer start carbonating? Just a thought. Or you could remove just the pressure release valve or gas post and use a stopper and airlock?
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    Go to Bittering hop

    For British beers I usually use Target or Challenger or a combination of them for bittering, they have higher AA then goldings , fuggles etc. I while ago I did a beer with all Pilgrim hops that came oput really well.
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    Batch sparge: to stir or not to stir

    I always give it a good stir and vorlauf again. With my hose braid it only takes about a quart before there are no grain bits. It doesn't long at all.
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    Where are my hops

    Throw some hops in the keg.
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    Flavor testing home grown hops

    For the record I think this is probably a waste of money, but you never know? ... P3998.aspx
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    No activity in primary ;( >> Wyeast says with shaking you can get max 8ppm's, and you only need to shake for 45 seconds to get there. I usually go longer then that but not 15 minutes.
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    refractometer or hydrometer?

    I have a refracometer and like others I use a hydrometer post fermentation. I had one of these till it broke It reads 1.000 to 1.040 so it was alot easier on the eyes to get a accurate reading.
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    Simplified BJCP Score Sheet :D