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    Need to interview commercial brewers

    Hi, all. I'm working on several highly technical stories about the commercial brewing process over the next few months that relate to 1) water chemistry and 2) preventing O2 on the cold side. I'd love to interview some professional brewing members who can speak accurately to any of the...
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    Anyone with a pick-up want to make some extra money for a few hours?

    Hey, dudes. I'm posting here b/c there are a lot of males who live near me and I need some (paid) help with a physical project. I need to pick up 1.5 tons of small stones from a nearby quarry (they dump the haul into the back with a machine) and wheelbarrow them through my house into my backyard...
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    Giving away ongoing supply of packing materials

    Traders! I have a constant stream of high-quality shipping materials that come through my house. All you have to do is pick them up about every 2-4 weeks and they're yours.
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    Can we talk about the business of homebrewing for a minute?

    I'm doing some research on whether homebrewing is getting more or less popular this year with the growth of the number of breweries, etc... Do you brew less now because you have so much good beer available or anything like that? Do you spend more or less $ on supplies? Where do you buy them? Is...
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    BL/Beer for Babes 5th Anniversary Crawl This Saturday!

    Hi, guys. Don't forget our anniversary crawl in Westmont starting at 1pm this Saturday. Ryan or I will post more deets asap but in the meantime, take a look at an article one of the Babes wrote about it...
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    Big Brew Day - May 2, 2015

    One more thing. Where's this map I'm hearing about?
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    Big Brew Day - May 2, 2015

    Also, if you haven't heard, we'll be brewing with a Pico Brew if anyone wants to come check it out. It's a quick process so stop by around 9am to see how it's done. Further, I'll be hosting some Babes who may want to learn more about homebrewing (some are quite accomplished). I'd love it if you...
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    Big Brew Day - May 2, 2015

    What time can brewers load in?