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  1. John C

    Cucamonga at dogfish Head

    Frank and Frank. I beat you all down to Rehoboth to try your award winning beer - Cucamonga. Mosy excellent and well deserved. Cheers.
  2. John C

    How to regulate pressure on 2 kegs

    I have a 2 keg system with a gas splitter to feed both. The regulator on the CO2 cylinder measured the gas pressure in both kegs which is adjustable to the style of beer I have. My problem is finding a way to change the pressure to be unique for each style. For my Saison I need pressure over...
  3. John C

    Dogfish Head and Boston Brewing to merge

    Don't know if any saw this but The # 2 and #13 craft brewers are merging. Appropriately they hatched the deal over a pint:p
  4. John C

    Sanitizing lines

    Now that I have gone to kegging, I am finding it impossible to dry my lines, some of which are long (6ft?). Since these can be used to transfer kegged beer into bottles (ie put up some stock) I am concerned about contamination to the bottled beer. The lines either have fittings or are too...