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  1. Andy Bonner

    Small Barrels

    I was just talking to the guy that we are getting our 53 gallon bourbon barrel from and he mentioned that he was picking up a few fresh 10g Dad's Hat barrels tomorrow, I forget the price he said but i think they were around $120 if anyone is interested i could probably pick them up next week...
  2. Andy Bonner

    Water Chemistry Test

    I recently bought a home water test kit. If anyone is looking to have their water tested I can do it for $10. I would need about 8oz of your brewing water labeled with name, email, phone, and the city it was pulled from so I can update the water profile spreadsheet. I should be at the next...
  3. Andy Bonner

    Lawson's 8th Anniversary Beer Lovers Market

    FT: 2 Tickets to Lawson's 8th Anniversary Beer Lover's Market April 9th 2:00-3:30, session 2 Beer Lover's Market only Must find own transportation & lodging Must enter event with my group Must pay cash for tix by April 1st ISO: cost of 2 tix ($66) + maybe buy me a beer, or not, whatever...
  4. Andy Bonner

    Beer League Softball

    Hey everyone , we are looking for men and women to join our softball team. We play on Sundays during spring and summer. Contact if interested!!!