2020 March Main Chapter Meeting - 03-MAR @ Spellbound

Matt Talbot

Main Chapter meeting 3/3 @ Spellbound in Mt. Holly.
We have a full agenda for our March meeting!
Bob Thompson has developed a "Save My Brew Day" spreadsheet that will help you make adjustments to hit your #'s.
Jason Macias from Proximity Malt will join us for a sensory activity to better understand malt and how it affects our recipes.
Jason is a BJCP and GABF judge as well as a certified Cicerone. He started as a homebrewer (PHC), became a brewer at Vault Brewing in Yardley, before moving into Sales at Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co. He is now with Proximity Malt, specializing in cost effective, local supply of grain from mid-Atlantic area farms malted right in Laurel, DE.
Last Brewer Standing Competition entries are due and will be judged at the meeting - be sure to bring AT LEAST 1x12oz. bottle of your beer, 20oz would be better. And more to share would be even better!

See you there!