BeerSmith 3 Thoughts

Bob Thompson

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So has anyone installed the new BeerSmith yet?

What are your thoughts? Is it worth the update?

Im a little hung up over the tiered plans. $35 for the software to only get minor updates is harsh, but $15 a year with no promise of a major update also seems a waste.


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I updated last week to the subscription just before brewing a batch. It's more integrated the the previous version. Like when you update your water profile and select target, it integrates the additions to you recipe page. Beyond that I haven't putzed with it much. I figure $15/yr isn't that bad considering all the other cash that goes into brewing. What is that, 2 beers out at the bar?

Michael Dempsey

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I installed the new BeerSmith a few weeks ago. It definitely has some improvements, though the basic interface I feel is mostly the same. Though to be honest, I really only upgraded because I just can't fight the urge to have the latest and greatest, and not because there was something in it I really wanted (I was happy to get the ingredient and style guide updates though).

I went with the one time payment over the subscription. I'll only get the minor updates, but I figure BeerSmith 4 is years away. The other big difference between the one time payment and subscription is the cloud features, which I don't care about. I'm gambling that there will be no major updates in the next 3 years by not going subscription.


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The updates to the water profile tool is a great feature.

The look and feel are pretty similar between BS2 and BS3. One of the newest things that's immediately noticeable is the creation of wine, mead, and cider recipes. Some other things I've noticed are the additional hardware/mash profiles (has built-in profiles for RIMS) and you get more cloud storage.

BTW - I think he also updated the mobile version so it's now at v3.


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So my buddies and I upgraded and got the subscription so we can share recipes together with the cloud. We've been 100% mobile since the start. Would like to try the desktop version since we purchased it... But I'd have to sacrifice a brew day just to have the time to figure it all out.