Dogfish Head and Boston Brewing to merge

Dave Greenbaum

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Thanks for the post, John.

I read, "...we can be great advocates to help bring beer back to growth in America,” and thought that seemed horribly disconnected from what craft beer means.

Bob Thompson

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It is known that Boston Brewing didnt want to get into the business model of "craft" brewing but just wanted to do the styles that made them

Dogfish has turned on the small brewers by threatening them with lawsuits

How will they bring beer growth?

Michael Dempsey

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Too little, too late. The trend is local these days. I used to buy Dogfish Head, Stone, Lagunitas, Founders, etc. I rarely buy them anymore. I might splurge for a rare release of something brewed in another part of the country, but that's about it.

Now I buy Tonewood, Cape May, Spellbound, Kane, etc. I can buy them cold in my local liquor store. I've noticed that the other people in line at the checkout usually have these local beers in hand also. They still have the old craft beer standards, but they are sitting warm on the shelf gathering dust.

John C

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Dogfish use to own the Rehoboth Beach and DE shore market and I think got a bit complacent. They started to focus on their restaurant and getting into spirits. Many of the new beers they introduced were nothing special, now the market there is flooded with startups . Even Iron Hill now has a brewery on Coastal Hwy. As a result I think they have started to bring out some new offerings that touch on more diverse styles and are much better than the ones they introduced over the past few years.

Sea Quench (a seasonal sour), Flesh and Blood and even Liquid Truth Serum are credible beers for the summer crowd to experience.