Fermaid question

michael castagner

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I repeated an American Amber. OG 1.053 was identical for both batches. Original was excellent. Repeat Beer has less body, tastes “watery”. Drinkable but ...

Only two changes: Original Yeast California 001 switched to WYEAST 1056, and repeat had Fermaid added. Original FG 1.016. Repeat FG 1.012. Fermentation conditions very similar for both.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Thank you so much

Matt Talbot

Hmmm. That’s an enzyme. I wonder if it broke down any long chain sugars in the fermenting wort. It shouldn’t, though. It’s not supposed to affect anything but the haze producing proteins.

michael castagner

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I double checked my notes. This batch fermented for 17 days, had some water salts added. Mash pH was 5.88.
Previous (better) batch fermented for only 12 days and no water salts added.

Dave Greenbaum

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I'm interested to know what you find out. A friend of mine brewed a bourbon porter he's done before and it also came out watery. I wasn't there at his brew day, but I couldn't come up with a reason why it happened.

michael castagner

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After re-reading my brewing notes I discovered two other changes to my original Amber.
1. I adjusted water chemistry with recommended minerals. My Willingboro city water is very low in minerals.
2. Beer sat in the fermenter for 17 vs. 12 days, because it appeared to need more time.

As Matt suggested, I’m very tempted to repeat the batch sooner rather than later with exactly the same process and yeast as the original.

Frank Hiller Sr

Competitions Coordinator - 2018 Brewer of the Year
Hi Michael,
That's alot of changed variables. But assuming similar mash conditions mean same fermentability, change of yeast seems to stick out to me. Can you taste .004 less gravity, and less hazy proteins? I dont know. BTW, I have been using Acidulated malt in all of my lighter beers to help with mash pH, I shoot for 5.3-5.6. Hope this helps!

michael castagner

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Frank, I am going to follow your lead and use acidulated malt for future batches. I was kind of stuck, because brew store did not have California 001 and I did not have time to go elsewhere.
My Willingboro township water is really high quality, and quite low in minerals.

Brian Pylant

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I use Clarity-Ferm on every batch, no changes in body, mouthfeel, texture, head retention, etc. whatsoever.

5.88 is pretty high for mash pH, but that wouldn't cause a thin, watery body (that I am aware of).