Free Entry Fee for AC Beer Week Spelling Bee

Ryan Cochrane

Barley Legal Member
As I mentioned last night, our friend Natalie from Founders is running a beer spelling bee shenanigans type event as part of AC Beer Week. Because they are trying to get as many contestants as possible to make this a great event, she offered to pay for BL members if they were to participate. See details of the event below...


On March 26th at Bourre in Atlantic City, AC Beer Week is hosting a very special fundraising event to benefit the Humane Society of Atlantic County: We Bee(r) Spelling with Founders + Friends!

We Bee Spelling is a ridiculous comedy game show: imagine a late night variety show meets an adult spelling bee (PLUS BEER). There's a live house band, comedian hosts, interactive games that progressively grow more ridiculous as the game goes on and some amazing beer specials. And the best part is: all of this fun is to support saving our furry friends!

Here's how it works. Each of the breweries/companies/teams listed on the fundraising page has a contestant in the game (pretty much a spelling bee soaked in delicious beer). It's a competition, but not a very serious one. Really, it's way more of a comedy show. Each contestant is brought up to stage with walk on music and then the hosts have some fun with them. After a little back and forth, they attempt to spell a word. But this isn't a normal spelling bee. The audience has the opportunity to "sabotage" contestants, forcing them to spell your word backwards, take a mystery shot, or deal with some other distraction before attempting the word. If you get your word right, you move on. In Round 2, the game becomes a little sillier, including head-to-head challenges and other mini-games on our way to crowning a champion.

The show is a ton of fun, whether you are in-it-to-win-it or you're just ready for a good laugh. But every speller has one other important responsibility: fundraising. Just like if you we're running the NYC Marathon to support HeadCount, you'll be leveraging your participation in the show to raise money. You're putting your brainpower (and ego) to the test in the name of a great cause so it's time to rally the support of your family, friends, employers, professional networks, etc. Every speller creates a peer-to-peer fundraising page on our "Sponsor a Speller" platform. You'll set a donation goal and do your best to raise more than the rest of your competitors. Invite everyone you know to come out and cheer you on or make a contribution to help you reach your goal (or both)!