** How to Access Barley Legal Member Forums **


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With this new forum we'll have both public and private area. The public area will be a good place to discuss brewing with the public at large, promote events that are open to the public, and allow potential members to learn more about our club.

If you're a member in good standing (aka you paid your dues!) you can get access to the private area where we'll discuss actual meeting info, club events and competitions, and that sort of thing. First register like normal. Then you'll need to message the user "Chris Smith" or one of the officers or post in this thread that you want access to the private area and as soon as we check to make sure all dues are paid, we'll make you a member of the Barley Legal Member group. NOTE - this user doesn't log in often and will most likely miss any messages to this user directly.

To become a member of the Barley Legal Member you will need to make sure your username is your real name (so we can cross check records) and we'd prefer an avatar of your actual face, to help users know each other!

If you haven't paid your dues, yet, and need to do so, please do in our new online store:

This thread will be kept cleaned up as people request access, so please ask any non-request questions in other threads.