How to regulate pressure on 2 kegs

John C

Barley Legal Member
I have a 2 keg system with a gas splitter to feed both. The regulator on the CO2 cylinder measured the gas pressure in both kegs which is adjustable to the style of beer I have. My problem is finding a way to change the pressure to be unique for each style. For my Saison I need pressure over 10 psi. That's too much for the other keg of pale ale. At that level I make whipped cream.

Ideas on how to achieve this?

John Eaton

Barley Legal Member
John, There are various options, but all that I know of require add'l parts.
Option 1 is is to use stacked regulators, each set to the appropriate pressure feeding 2 distribution headers, or directly to the kegs.
Option 2 would be to set the high pressure on the regulator, and feed an inline regulator for the lower pressure needs.