Lallemand Philly Sour - Phenolic?

Matt Talbot

Anybody else get a phenolic taste using Lallemand Philly Sour?
It's on day 6 of fermentation and tried a sample: lightly sour but a distinct although mild phenolic taste and aroma.
First time I used it there was zero phenolic taste/aroma.

Simple Gose recipe, 5.5 gallons in fermenter:
50% pilsener
50% white wheat
152F single infusion mash
12g corriander crushed
10g Hawaiian sea salt
16g Philly Sour yeast
70F for 3 days, then 73F, tracked with probe in thermowell so temps are accurate. Recommended temp range is 68F - 77F.
1.046 OG - 1.009 FG (target)