Looking for Brew Donations - Holiday Fundraiser for Circus Nonprofit


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Hi brewers!

My name is Rebecca, I'm the executive director of a Philadelphia circus education nonprofit, the Philadelphia Spin Coalition - SPinCo.

SpinCo is hosting its 4th Annual Holiday Party on Saturday, 12/14 at Programs Employing People in South Philadelphia. This year, we are raising funds to rehab our circus props that we use in our programming. I am seeking homebrew donations, and Frank advised me to post on your online forum.

Our attendee base is generally adults aged 25-35 and we are expecting around 40-60 at this event.

I'm happy to talk also about partnerships with the members at this club; many of our volunteers are from outside of Philly in Jersey and we often do entertainment and educational workshops for circus arts at community events, festivals, and block parties. I'd be happy to do a trade!

Feel free to delete if this type of post isn't allowed - if anyone would like to connect you can reach me at becca.spincoalition@gmail.com

Many thanks!


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