Mead - stuck fermentation

Matt Talbot

My friends son is making his first 5 gal batch of mead and has stalled at 1.050
He’s looking for suggestions. I asked him a bunch of questions I thought might help troubleshoot, his responses in the text thread below:

My starting gravity was 1.12, I used wyeast 4181. I did use a yeast nutrient and oxygenated. Unsure what brand. I’ve done smaller batches and have been using fermax nutrient and K1-V1116 which has come out with very low gravities. But this one... I think it’s a lost cause. Just very very sweet.
Was curious if i could pitch a different type of yeast into it?

Ryan Cochrane

Barley Legal Member
So it could be a few things. I assume they meant wyeast4184 which is the sweet mead strain - which has a relatively low alcohol tolerance 11% vs K1-V1116 (or Wyeast 4632) which is 18%. So that right there could be it. Did they do staggered nutrient/oxygenation or just once at the beginning? Did they use a standard beer yeast nutrient? If yes, it doesn't necessarily have all of the nutrients you would need for mead (ie DAP).

Bob Thompson

Barley Legal Member