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Chris Smith

Tech Officer
Hey guys and gals!

Due to some upgrade issues with the old software we were using and the inability to apply any new patches to it, we decided to update the system to a new forum software.

I know change is hard and no one likes change. But I think this version is a lot better and has more features than the old version.

We moved everything over from the old system, but there are still some minor issues with links and permissions. Please let us know (either through posting, a Private Message, called Conversations in this software, or an email to of anything you find that isn't working the way you'd expect it to and we'll take a look at it right away!

Thanks, and I hope with the switch to the more modern software we'll solve some issues with the old software and have even more engagement going forward!

Chris Smith

Tech Officer
And Tapatalk is now installed. But I recommend giving the mobile web a try, too, it actually works really well and any customizations that may be installed will work on mobile.

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Chris Smith

Tech Officer
Number one feature request since the old forum was brought online, you can now get emailed the text of responses to threads you start. Just go through your preferences and make sure they're all set the way you want to get email, but it works like a normal forum software does (you get one email with the first response that lets you know more might be there, and you have to visit the thread to reset the email to get another)

Chris Smith

Tech Officer
Seems like all threads got marked as new in tapatalk when migrations happened
That's probably true, but there's nothing I can do about that. They are all new as far as the plugin is concerned.

In all honesty, Tapatalk sucks. It was a good forum reader 3 years ago but they keep trying to force this social component on everyone. I recommend trying the mobile version of the website, it's very fast and has all the features of the entire site.


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Pretty much all of them.
This forum,
Public Forum/general discussion
/Brewing Questions
/Craft beer events
Brewers only forums/club only comps
Committee forums////BBD discussions

These were my latest posts I tried to go back and edit.

Chris Smith

Tech Officer
The signature permissions were pretty basic. I made them much more allowed by default. See if it'll let you edit your signature the way you want now.