Frank Hiller Sr

Competitions Coordinator - 2018 Brewer of the Year

One & Done? - A Virtual Homebrew Comp - is a BJCP sanctioned competition using the Beer Awards Platform. All beer and mead styles are accepted and will be judged by April 17th. $4/entry with a cap of 200 entries for the competition. Medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Judging will be conducted VIRTUALLY only and the scoresheets are filled out directly through the software. Enter and/or volunteer at: Any entrants can contact me to get their entries out to Keystone.​


Brian Pylant

Barley Legal Member
Thanks Senior! I was just about to post about this before the meeting started... I am the co-organizer of this one, we're running it to test some new competition software that looks really promising.

Matt Talbot

Passing along this update:
Passing this along:

Fellow homebrewers!

Lend us your bottles!! There's only 10 days left until the entry registration window closes for One & Done? - a virtual homebrew competition.

At $4/entry, it's a cheap, convenient way to get your homebrew evaluated by trained BJCP judges especially since the 1st round of the National Homebrew Competition won't be occurring and many normal competitions may not run either. Besides the excellent feedback, we're also offering actual medals for each flight.

Enter here:

In addition, by entering, you're helping to test a differentiated piece of competition software, new to our area, that could be transformational. However, we currently only have 94 entries with 10 days left for registration. We'd love to get to 150 entries. So drag out those quarantine beers you've been brewing and get them entered. We'll be collecting entries from a number of local homebrew shops listed on the website.

If you have any questions, feel free to email:
Mike Bury (
Brian Pylant (



Mike Bury
BJCP Grand Master II, Mead Certified, Associate Exam Director, Assistant Competition Director
President of the Stoney Creek Homebrewers

Brian Pylant

Barley Legal Member
Just a quick reminder, if you haven't already dropped off your entries for this you must do so by TOMORROW (Tuesday). Technically the deadline was Sunday, but I'm 10 minutes from the shop so I don't mind going over tomorrow for any late dropoffs.

I will be taking them all over to be sorted and organized for judging on Wednesday evening so I absolutely MUST have them in-hand by Wednesday AM or early afternoon.

Good luck in the comp!