Open Competitions March Meeting


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Hi all, thought it would be a good idea to post the competitions Kyle brought to the March meeting. These are open competitions, but please note that some are closing shortly.

As always, if you enter and win, please let Kyle know.

DAS BOOT - North Jersey Hopz
Judging Dates: Fri, Sat May 17-18 - Homebrew University, Hackettstown NJ
Registrations accepted 4/1 through 5/6
Bottles accepted 4/27 through 5/6
Entry Fee: $8
Contact: Warren Wilson (908) 674-1614

Bru Route Challenge - Band of Media Brewers
Judging Dates: Fri, Sat March 26-27- Aston Abbey Brewing, Aston PA

Registrations accepted 3/2 through 4/13
Bottles accepted 3/30 through 4/13 **NOTE: If dropping off to PHO Jersey, entries are due 4/10**
Entry Fee: $8
Contact: Jason Zambriczki (484) 258-2503

Philly Homebrew Cup - Philadelphia Homebrew Club
Judging Dates: Sat May 11 - Location TBD, Philadelphia PA

Registrations accepted 3/1 through 5/3
Bottles accepted 4/1 through 5/7
Entry Fee: $7
Contact: Andrew Gliddon (609) 658-9526

Buzz-Off Homebrew Competition - Brewers United For Zany Zymurgy (BUZZ)
Judging Dates: Fri, Sat June 6-7 - Braeloch Brewing, Kennet Square PA

Registrations accepted 4/5 through 5/25
Bottles accepted 5/1 through 5/25
Entry Fee: $8
Contact: Kevin Socha (603) 505-0057

Good Luck Brewers!
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