Picking Up NHC Entries WEDNESDAY 3/11

Brian Pylant

Barley Legal Member
I will be picking up NHC entries from Keg & Barrel and PHO Oaklyn tomorrow afternoon / evening.

If you have entries that you cannot get to the shops by then please contact me to make other arrangements.

Brian Pylant

Barley Legal Member
So unfortunately the first round NHC judging has been postponed indefinitely due to the virus outbreak... with the expectation that it will probably be cancelled entirely.

Several sites were scheduled to start judging this weekend, and were losing judges by the hour.

As for the Philly site, Montgomery County -- where Keystone is located -- is informally "closed" which means we were going to be very limited in the work we could do leading up to the judging, and the judging itself was in serious question.

Other sites were more or less the same.

If the first round is cancelled, I still have all the BL beers at my house so I will be able to return them to you. (If it's cancelled, the AHA will be refunding the entry fees.)

I will know more in the next couple of days, and the AHA will have to make a decision on the second round and the conference as a whole before too long. I'll let you all know as soon as I do.

Stay tuned...

Be well, my wonderful friends, and wash those hands!!!


Brian Pylant

Barley Legal Member
So, as you no doubt are aware, the National Homebrew Competition has been cancelled. (The conference itself is still TBD.) We are planning on donating all of the entries that are sitting @ Keystone to a local distiller to make hand sanitizer from.

That said, I have all of the BL entries I picked up from Philly Homebrew and Keg & Barrel here at the house.

I will return them to you at my next opportunity... which of course may be a while. But I wanted you to know that I still have them.

(Anyone who dropped off directly @ Keystone will not be able to get their entries back -- all 1600-ish bottles are still in their packaging, stacked up on four palettes. The plan is for the distiller to come and pick them up as-is, we're not going through and unpacking / organizing / locating any entries.)