Yeast Starters

Making a 10 gallon lager batch and by Brewers Friend calculations I need a 4L starter with 2 packs of yeast.
Do most people pour the whole 4L into the fermenter or do they chill the starter, drain off some of the liquid, then add the rest?
Any result difference?

John Eaton

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I almost always chilled and drained off the liquid. I can't say that I made better beer this way, but 2 LBS wins and Brewer of the Year wins were almost all done this way. There seem to be 2 camps that would insist it's better, vs makes no difference. Maybe there is an ExBEERiment (brulosopher ) on this?
I also took the liquid and chilled it further, and used the small amount of remaining yeast to propagate further batches.


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I have always dumped the whole flask in. Make the starter 24 hours before and pitch it when the yeast is still hungry for more.


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I chill and drain. Just seems odd to me to dump in so much starter. How can it not affect flavor is my thinking.


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For such a large starter, I'd dump.
Normally, I'd make a 3 gallon brew with the yeast, then when it's do e enough to transfer, use the cake for the bigger beer. Making a 1gallon+ starter just seems like a waste to me.


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There actually was a brulosophy about this and in that exbeeriment it made no difference. For me it depends on how much fermenter head space I have. I've done both pitch the whole starter... And chill & decant. I haven't had it seem to make a difference. Have you ever tasted decanted starter wort? My thoughts would be dump it.... But depending on the batch size... It's such a very small amount vs total volume