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Hey Ryan,

Just rejoined the club ... went to the meeting at CKBC tonight ... starting brewing again a couple of weeks ago. Hope to see you at an meeting soon.

Hey folks. Looking for some feedback/experience in using fresh cranberries versus cranberry juice concentrate for a Cranberry Orange IPA
Hey, Chris.
I recently paid the membership dues and would like access to the private forum.
Since I'm new to the group, I wasn't sure if there's anything else (other than paying yearly dues) that I need to do to become a member.

It's been a while, but do you still have sets of o-rings for ball lock posts & disconnects. I'm getting ready to place an order with McMaster, and wanna try to them for lid gaskets and tubing. If you still have these sets available I'd like to pick some up. Otherwise I'll order from McM. Let me know. Thanks