RoboBrew, Grainfather etc

Mike Morley

Barley Legal Member
Does anyone have one of these all in one units? or something similar?

I'm looking to downsize and curious what people's experiences with these products are.

I know @Jason James has a Grainfather, too.

I'm interested as well because I haven't had time to brew on my full rig in a while, and the whole electric and able to do it inside (either in the house or in my garage) under lights after work is highly appealing. Brewing on my single tier outside after work sucks, I hate cleaning up in the dark.

Mike Morley

Barley Legal Member
@Chris Smith My reason exactly, I want to brew in the basement. Plus I rarely make 10 gallon batches. I'll talk to Bob and Jason hopefully tonight.

Since I'm cheap the Robobrew @ $479.99 is appealing even cheaper is the Brewers Edge Mash & Boil without a pump it's 299.99. I have 2 chuggers already, so another option. There's been some issues with the Robobrew but apparently corrected with V3.1.

Last option is build my own, though rather just open a box and go.
Nick Mariano has one (now living in Colorado) and he loves it.
I've been thinking the same thing, either adding my own pump to a Mash & Boil, or going all out for the Grainfather.
When it's crappy outside I do brew indoors on my gas stove and it works just fine, but I like the idea of fewer vessels to cleanup.


Barley Legal Member
Last time we were in PHO NJ, Jimmy was casually brewing in the mash and boil. Looked really simple and can ferment directly in the kettle.