Barley Legal 2017 NFL Eliminator

Chris Smith

Tech Officer
Week 7 Recap

Two players this week, both safe.

I picked the Vikings over the Ravens. Even though it's been sort of a revolving door at QB for the Vikings, their defense is good enough to keep them in games and the Ravens are just not a good team this year. 24-16 win for the Vikings

Shawn picked visiting Titans over the Browns. It was a bit of a nail biter as no TDs were scored in the game, and the Titans needed OT to beat the terrible browns. 12-9 final for the Titans.

Same two players next week, good luck!

Chris Smith

Tech Officer
Week 8 Recap

Another week where both Shawn and I are safe.

I picked the Eagles, who, even though they didn't look great on offense, destroyed the Niners on defense and rolled to a 33-10 win.

Shawn picked the Patriots against the visiting Chargers. I didn't see much of this game so I don't have any witty remarks, except with the recent trade of Jimmy Garoppolo it looks like the Patriots are planning on Brady playing until he's 50. 21-13 win for the Patriots.

Good luck next week!

Chris Smith

Tech Officer
Week 9 - We Have a Winner

Congratulations to Shawn, winner of the 2017 Barley Legal NFL Eliminator.

Shawn is the winner taking the Saints to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers which they did handily at 30-10. Nice pick by Shawn.

I'm out, picking the Seahawks over Washington. Blair Walsh missed THREE!! field goals in a close lose 17-14 loss. Terrible outing by the kicker, and enough to knock me out of the game.

Everyone who played owes a 6-pack to Shawn. I'll be at the meeting tonight and can take any and hold them for him (if he can't make it) but please try to get it in the next few meetings. I don't want to be tracking people down for months!

shawn kaderabek

Barley Legal Member

I have soccer banquet with my son tonight but I'm hoping to stop by Eight and Sand around 9:30 and catch last half hour if folks are still there.